Wells Care Service makes

your daily routine healthy with
our unique care service tailored to your life.
Our service specialists diagnose your lifestyle
and provide optimal hygiene management
and consulting services.

We provide you with 4 essential care services
for long-lasting usage of your home appliances.

  • Periodic Maintenance
    Periodic Maintenance Inspection
  • Washing and Hygienic Care
    Washing and Hygienic Care
  • Free Replacement of Consumables
    Free Replacement of Consumables
  • Free Maintenance & Repair
    Free A/S during rental service period
    * It may charge in case of defect due to customer’s negligence, disassemble for moving a house or re-install.

We care Wells products as follows.

  • Basic Care Service
    • Cork Tip Cleaning
      Cock Tip Cleaning
    • Drip Tray Cleaning
      Drip Tray Cleaning
    • Water Tank Sterilization & Cleaning
      Water Tank Sterilization & Cleaning
    • Cleaning Service Using Special Detergent
      Cleaning Service
      Using Special Detergent
  • Customized Living Service
    * Wells Management, replacement and scaling services may different every product rentals.
    • 3-month cycle
      Disinfectant Spray
      Sterilization Service
    • 6-month cycle
      Scaling Kit
      Sterilization Service
    • 12-month cycle
      Cock Tip
      Replacement Service
    • 18-month cycle
      Filter Tubing/Fitting
      Replacement Service
  • Scaling Kit Sterilization Service
    * Only for Wells TT water purifier
    Wells Only!

    Experience our premium care with a whirlwind
    sterilization system using fast flow rates.

    • 99.9%
      sterilization power
    • Using electrolytic
      sterilization water
      which is harmless
    • Proper care with
      the right tools and methods
    전기분해 살균수, 빠른 유속을 활용한 회오리 살균
  • Basic Care Service
    • Cleaning and Drying Inside Pre-Filters
      Cleaning and Drying Inside Pre-Filters
    • Removal of Dust and Debris from Air Intake Ports
      Removal of Dust and Debris
      from Air Intake Ports
    • Cleaning Around the Sensors
      Cleaning Around the Sensors
  • Customized Living Service
    Wells Only!

    Get customized care service according to
    your home environment and air quality concerns.

    전기분해 살균수, 빠른 유속을 활용한 회오리 살균
  • Basic Care Service

    We replace mattress toppers for free after 3 years
    so that your old mattress can be used as new.

    • Care Service
      Once Every 4 Months
    • Clean Cover Service
      for Free Every 12 months
    Replacement Service For Free
    • Mattress Topper Replacement
      매트리스 탑퍼 교체
    • Relaxing Air Mattress Topper Cover Replacement
      릴렉스 에어탑퍼 커버 교체
  • Customized Living Service
    Wells Only!

    With 12 steps in total, we eliminates contamination from the outside of mattress
    as well as invisible pocket springs inside.

    오염도 측정
    Measure Contamination Level

    Examine contamination
    levels of the mattress

    프레임 케어
    Frame Care

    Remove dust from the frame

    프레임 워싱
    Frame Washing

    Clean the frame using
    a dry-wash technique

    매트리스 바디케어
    Mattress Body Care

    Remove dust and mites from the mattress

    매트리스 사이드케어
    Mattress Side Care

    Remove dust in the gaps
    on the side

    매트리스 In 스프링케어
    Mattress In Spring Care

    Remove(suction) dust and moisture inside the mattress

    UV 자외선 살균
    UV Sterilization

    Sterilize harmful bacteria using an ultraviolet sterilizer

    에어탑퍼 정상 작동확인
    Air Topper Functional Check

    Check if the topper has any problems

    방 공기정화
    Room Air Purification

    Remove fine dust, mold in the air inside the room

    진드기 기피 패치 부착
    Dust Mites Repellent Patch Placement

    Prevent dust mites from breeding

    클린커버 무상 제공 서비스
    Clean Cover Free Offer Service

    Free anti-allergy covers with improved breath ability

    탑퍼 무상 교체
    Topper Free Replacement

    Free topper replacement after 36 months Free cover replacement for the Relax Air Topper

  • Basic Care Service
    • 가죽 무상 교체 토탈 체인지
      Leather Care Service

      Cleans not only the outside
      but also the inside of the massage
      chair with the PU leather
      every 6 months.

    • 가죽 무상 교체
      Full Leather Replacement

      Free replacement of foot cover
      or areas where leather gets quickly
      damaged such as backrest, chair seat,
      headrest, etc.

  • Customized Living Service
    Wells Only!

    You can select the desired leather part of your massage chair according to
    your usage habits and receive care service.

    • Standard Care
    • Total Cleaning Service + Total Change Service I (foot cover replacement)
    • Special Care
    • Total Cleaning Service + Total Change Service I (foot cover replacement) + Total Change Service II (back/hips/head pad replacement)
    관리 서비스

Wells service experts who can safely entrust your family's healthy life
care with customized service.

  • 웰스 플래너
    Wells Planner

    Offers professional consulting service tailored to suit your tastes and provides value beyond reasonable prices.

  • 웰스 매니저
    Wells Manager

    Diagnoses the situation of a customer, and provides our care service through regular visits for a hygienic environment.

  • 웰스 엔지니어
    Wells Engineer

    Accurately diagnoses the condition of your product and provides professional maintenance service of home appliances.

Wells Service Specialists care as follows.
  • 방문일 알림 문자(SMS) 서비스

    Scheduled Visiting Day
    Notification Services Via SMS

  • 2일 전 약속, 5분 전 도착

    Schedule 2 Days in Advance, Arrive 15 Minutes in Advance

  • 모바일 해피콜 서비스

    Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • 세심 알림 서비스

    Notification Service of Visits
    in Case of Absence.

  • 원스톱 서비스

    One-Stop Care Service
    Offered by Wells Engineer

  • 모든 웰스 엔지니어 금연 실시

    Non-Smoking Obligation Policy
    Applied to All of Wells Engineer