Stay Refreshed with Customized Air Purification for Your Home

Wells Air Purifier

Now, Air Should Be Customized
as Well! Customized Purification as You Like

Choose from 6 types of filters customized for your lifestyle and family needs!
The custom filter that fits your home environment will provide you with fresh air.

  • Ultra-Fine Dust Filter

    For families with small children
    or sensitive respiratory systems,
    remain assured with the Ultrafine Dust Filter!

  • Deodorization Filter

    If you are worried about daily odor
    in a poorly ventilated environment,
    stay refreshed with the Indoor Deodorization Filter!

  • Allergy Filter

    Allergy Filter for sensitive allergic reactions
    such as fine dust and pollen!

  • Sick House Syndromes Filter

    Refresh yourself with the New House Deodorization Filter
    if you move into a new building or after renovation!

  • Exhaust Gas Filter

    Stay safe with the Exhaust Emission Filter
    if you are located near roads and factories
    and worried about hazardous pollutants!

  • Pet Filter

    Enjoy fresh air with your pet using
    the Pet Filter from the odor of your pet’s bathroom needs!

Removing Ultra-micro-fine Dust
with Zero Clear HEPA Filter

A filter consisting of 3 to 4 steps filters out large particles from the air to ultra-micro-fine dust.
Enjoy a clean and purified day without worries!
*Limited to some models.

Air Purifier that
Fits Anywhere
in Your Home

From tower-type for a stylish living room to small
and adorable air purifiers for your children’s room.
Choose from a variety of Wells Air Purifiers
that suit your living space and family members.

A Variety of Wells Air Purifiers Perfect
Perfect for Your Home Space

Wells Air Purifier

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